Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Boobs before Babies

A common deciding factor of breast augmentation is children. Should you get them before? After? I got mine when I was 22yrs old, and not too young. This topic crossed my mind constantly. Here's why I chose boobs before babies.

I was young, but not too young. I was able to boost my esteem at a younger age & recognize my value, which led me to leave my ex who didn't treat me so well. I enjoyed having boobs throughout my early twenties, you're supposed to ENJOY your body. I used to think, why spend the money now if I have kids I'll have to get them done again anyways....I'm so happy I niched my own advice & splurged on augmentation when I did. You know why? What if I can't "afford" implants after kids, because I can't afford to take the necessary time to heal. Or what if my finances are structured to buy a home? 

Your twenties are meant to be, carefree. Mine weren't carefree, trust me, but I didn't have children which alleviated responsibilities. I worked my tail off bartending/waitressing. I picked up extra shifts, I worked doubles, I even took out a small thousand dollar loan. I was not well off or even financially stable for that matter, but I did it. I'm happy I did, life isn't worth living if you can't splurge occasionally and appreciate the finer things. I worked for it!

Currently I'm pursuing my Bachelors, I have a stable "Grown Up" job and I'm working towards the American Dream, aren't we all...?

I hardly have the time for a nap, let alone full blown surgery for an elective procedure! See what I mean? LIFE HAPPENS. It's ok. Honestly, if I hadn't done the augmentation in my early twenties, I'm sure I would have to keep postponing.....until after graduation? After I find a job with a fat salary? Oh, by that time I'd probably be getting married/house hunting/having babies?? Who knows. All I knew for certain in my early twenties was that I was broke. Basically broke. I could afford nice things but I relied paycheck to paycheck. My only responsibility was showing up to work around 4pm, LOL!!!

If I had the opportunity to get them at 18, I would have jumped...at the time. Now that I'm mature, I recognize I probably wouldn't have made the best decision on size or surgeon for that matter. At that age, teens want instant gratification and results. At 22yrs old I was smart enough to put in the research to find a good Doctor. I was also at the right age to choose silicon or saline. 

There is no wrong age to get breast implants. It depends on your own lifestyle, ambitions and future. You have to decide, when is the BEST time for YOU.  

I can't speak about about breast implants affected by pregnancy/children because I'm not at that stage myself. But I can tell you, I've seen plenty of Kardashian pics, if Kourtney's boobs look this great after 3 kids I'm good! I truly believe the 10yr lifespan of implants can withstand the bodies changes through motherhood. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pillow Talk

In the entire three years I've had my implants, I have NEVER thought about the changes in my sex life aside from the aesthetic views ;) I'm warning you now, please don't read this particular blog if you are sensitive to a healthy sex life! 

Last night, things quickly got hot & heavy with my boyfriend. I rarely give him oral because it hurts my neck so bad! I decided to treat him, trying my best to give the best BJ in the quickest amount of time before my neck gave out. Literally two minutes go by & I'm ready to tap out because the pain is awful. I tell him to stand up, that way it's less weight on my neck/shoulders, which somewhat helped. Afterwards we get to talking, & I realize I never had this neck problem during oral EVER before him. He pointed out that it could be the weight of my implants, never thought of that! It makes complete sense. The first handful of times I went down on him, I assumed I was too sore from working out but I know for a fact this was not the case this particular evening. I thought that was so interesting because I didn't realize the affects my implants have had on my neck/back, I don't typically have these issues on a daily basis so I assumed there was some other reason! It really got me thinking, what else has changed during sex?!

Woman on top.

I notice when I'm on top, a little bounce never hurt anyone but full "pornstar mode" is not happening. Seriously, how do these women bounce those big ass boobs & not feel awkward pain? It's so awkward to me! I love being on top, I love being wild but please do not ecpext me to bounce like it's a pogo stick. Nope.


I have heard from a friend that doggy is painful for her chest. She said her chest feels too heavy, I'll admit that it's odd when the implants move up when I'm bent down but it is not painful. I barely notice that region during doggy. 


Personally, I'd like to nominate this as the most boring position. No thanks, I usually avoid this one. Occasionally this position happens & I hate the way my boobs move to the sides. I don't know how to explain it, they don't feel supported, but not saggy or ugly. It just feels so weird...

Groping, licking, sucking...

I used to love all this before surgery, now I'm constantly saying "not too hard". It feels so bizarre, not painful. This is a foreign object wrapped in your body's tissue, of course any pressure placed on the implants will feel different or unnatural. I absolutely hate if my boobs get "pulled". Example: if he runs his hands down my chest. HATE THAT!! I hate the feeling of that upper pole skin being pulled down in the wrong direction. It's hard to explain...Nips, I used to love kinky stuff but my sensations have changed. Part of my breast is "numb" bellow the nipple, & sometimes my nipples are extra sensitive. Sometimes they are not as sensitive, they have a mind of their own. I had my nips pierced before, I never put them back in nor do I want to, it seems too sensitive now.

Everything else.

Of course there are so many sexy positions I like, but none are worth mentioning in this topic. These positions are just a few positions that have made a difference since surgery. Every woman will have different changes/sensations post off. There is literally no answer to what the outcome will be. I've talked about sensation changes with other girls, each of my friends with implants had different reactions after surgery. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Plastic Surgery...Be realistic ladies!

I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about my plastic surgery experiences besides BA...but if you didn't know, I've had a Rhinoplasty. I had the procedure done in 2009 I believe, this was my first surgery EVER! I was so scared. This actually wasn't a procedure I desired seriously, I was in Las Vegas & a CRAZY chick at a concert sucker punched me when I wasn't even looking. It was SO crazy. I still can't believe it....anyways, the nightclub didn't follow procedure. They assumed I was "intoxicated"-when I wasn't. They never called cops for me to file an assault claim. I went to the ER to document my x-rays and blood alcohol. Let's just say, the nightclub dropped the ball so bad that night-they paid for my medical expenses and rhinoplasty. I'm guessing they didn't want negative publicity...enough of the back story!

Before rhinoplasty, before my broken nose, I had the typical Italian "hump" nose. It never really bothered me, until a few lame dudes pointed it out in high school. That was when the insecurity about my nose started surfacing. I had thought about rhinoplasty when I was in high school, but never seriously thought I would or even needed it badly. After the nightclub incident, my nose was so busted. It was completely disfigured and twice as big. Not only was my appearance affected but my sinuses were causing me so much pain. I lived with it for a few weeks and had the rhinoplasty done.

At the time, I was 19, I definitely couldn't afford plastic surgery & it wasn't something I had in mind. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to fix my nose. When I went to my first couple of consultations I was so scared about the surgery aspect, that I never gave much thought to how I wanted my nose to look! I vaguely discussed the results I had in mind, basically I told this surgeon I wanted it fixed. I wanted it straight. That's all I really said. He asked about the nostrils/tip & I said it wasn't a concern for me. After the successful rhinoplasty, my nose is more aesthetic & not an insecurity as it was in the past. 

I wasn't focused at the time about having a completely different nose, I was focused on repairing my broken nose and septum so I could breath! Rhinoplasty is a very invasive procedure, if you decide to have it done be sure you do not go for the "affordable" doctor. This is your face people!!! I basically trusted this surgeon because my mom trusted him, I felt I was in good hands & he would repair my nose however he felt was best. My results were 100% better, but was I perfect???? Not at all, I know my face obviously I'm able to find little flaws that most people never even notice. It's human nature, we are our own biggest critics. My nose is so much better though, so I can't complain. 

It took about 6mo for the swelling to go down, and over a year for my nose to take final shape. In the end, it was totally worth the excruciating pain from surgery. My nose looks very natural and still has a European look, without the hump of course. It truly fits my face because I have big Italian eyes, a stronger nose fits me. I could have made drastic changes to my nose to appear how most people view rhinoplasty, "done". I'm sorry, but I didn't intend to lose my identity & heritage. I'm glad I stuck with my gut & let this Surgeon work his magic.

5yrs post op, not a bad nose job ;) wish I had before pictures on hand...I took so many on my iphone during that time & lost EVERYTHING!! The only before pics I have are family photos, maybe I'll get some from my parents & post.

My overall point is, plastic surgery is forever modifying. People get so caught up with being perfect, which is completely unrealistic. Have an open mind about your results & talk openly with your surgeon about his/her expectations. You cannot take a picture into a consultation & 100% achieve that same exact image-I promise you, it won't happen that way. People are so stuck on vanity that they forget that aesthetic improvement is better then what you started with!