Thursday, August 21, 2014

Plastic Surgery...Be realistic ladies!

I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about my plastic surgery experiences besides BA...but if you didn't know, I've had a Rhinoplasty. I had the procedure done in 2009 I believe, this was my first surgery EVER! I was so scared. This actually wasn't a procedure I desired seriously, I was in Las Vegas & a CRAZY chick at a concert sucker punched me when I wasn't even looking. It was SO crazy. I still can't believe it....anyways, the nightclub didn't follow procedure. They assumed I was "intoxicated"-when I wasn't. They never called cops for me to file an assault claim. I went to the ER to document my x-rays and blood alcohol. Let's just say, the nightclub dropped the ball so bad that night-they paid for my medical expenses and rhinoplasty. I'm guessing they didn't want negative publicity...enough of the back story!

Before rhinoplasty, before my broken nose, I had the typical Italian "hump" nose. It never really bothered me, until a few lame dudes pointed it out in high school. That was when the insecurity about my nose started surfacing. I had thought about rhinoplasty when I was in high school, but never seriously thought I would or even needed it badly. After the nightclub incident, my nose was so busted. It was completely disfigured and twice as big. Not only was my appearance affected but my sinuses were causing me so much pain. I lived with it for a few weeks and had the rhinoplasty done.

At the time, I was 19, I definitely couldn't afford plastic surgery & it wasn't something I had in mind. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to fix my nose. When I went to my first couple of consultations I was so scared about the surgery aspect, that I never gave much thought to how I wanted my nose to look! I vaguely discussed the results I had in mind, basically I told this surgeon I wanted it fixed. I wanted it straight. That's all I really said. He asked about the nostrils/tip & I said it wasn't a concern for me. After the successful rhinoplasty, my nose is more aesthetic & not an insecurity as it was in the past. 

I wasn't focused at the time about having a completely different nose, I was focused on repairing my broken nose and septum so I could breath! Rhinoplasty is a very invasive procedure, if you decide to have it done be sure you do not go for the "affordable" doctor. This is your face people!!! I basically trusted this surgeon because my mom trusted him, I felt I was in good hands & he would repair my nose however he felt was best. My results were 100% better, but was I perfect???? Not at all, I know my face obviously I'm able to find little flaws that most people never even notice. It's human nature, we are our own biggest critics. My nose is so much better though, so I can't complain. 

It took about 6mo for the swelling to go down, and over a year for my nose to take final shape. In the end, it was totally worth the excruciating pain from surgery. My nose looks very natural and still has a European look, without the hump of course. It truly fits my face because I have big Italian eyes, a stronger nose fits me. I could have made drastic changes to my nose to appear how most people view rhinoplasty, "done". I'm sorry, but I didn't intend to lose my identity & heritage. I'm glad I stuck with my gut & let this Surgeon work his magic.

5yrs post op, not a bad nose job ;) wish I had before pictures on hand...I took so many on my iphone during that time & lost EVERYTHING!! The only before pics I have are family photos, maybe I'll get some from my parents & post.

My overall point is, plastic surgery is forever modifying. People get so caught up with being perfect, which is completely unrealistic. Have an open mind about your results & talk openly with your surgeon about his/her expectations. You cannot take a picture into a consultation & 100% achieve that same exact image-I promise you, it won't happen that way. People are so stuck on vanity that they forget that aesthetic improvement is better then what you started with!

Monday, August 18, 2014

About me-UPDATED!

Today I googled my name, just out of curiosity. I discovered a thread on realself asking my stats, weight/height, etc. I felt this was an opportunity to update my blog with my current lifestyle and stats.  

Personal Questionnaire:

1.) What are your current measurements, including height & weight?

Currently, I am 5'2 & 114lbs. My weight fluctuates anywhere from 110-118lbs. At the time of my consultation, I was 107lbs-This was before I was serious about my health & fitness routines! My bust (band) is 28", waist is 25" & hip is 29". Currently I prefer to wear a 32DDD bra from Victoria's Secret, because it is multi-way. I base my bra selections off of the occasion.

2.) How does working out affect implants? Do you lift weights or cardio?

I love weightlifting, I am by no means a body builder but I appreciate the curves weight lifting has done for my body. In the past I chose cardio workouts, which I did lose alot of weight but I wanted to be toned not skinny. I prefer weight lifting, it has had minimal affects to my implants. Visually there is no appearance difference. Physically, some of the chest workouts do make me sore the next day. I mostly stick with tabata, plyo & pilates type workouts.

3.) Who did your breast augmentation, and can you provide his contact info?

Dr. Ian Walker of Colorado Springs, CO. Recently a good friend tried contacting his office, she was informed he has retired. He was elderly, I'm not surprised he finally retired. I'm sorry ladies! He does have a colleague at his old office that has taken over his patients/referrals. Unfortunately I do not have that info. The office is located off Tejon I believe you could google Dr. Walker and still find the office info.

4.) I want mine to look just like yours, what kind of breast augmentation did you get?

I have 500cc HP Mentor Silicon implants, they are placed dual plane which is basically half under. My advice is to have an open mind what your surgeon recommends for the results you would like to achieve. If you have a good Doctor, they should be able to give you what you'd like or provide reasons why it is not tangible. In reality, nobody can give exact same results. Naturally, everyone's boobs & bodies are different. It is great to have an image goal in mind, but be open minded about the outcome results. If you're looking for perfection, you will surely be disappointed. Be happy with improvement, not perfection (:

5.) Can I find you on Social Media?

Yes! My permanent instagram handle is @_Christin11
My facebook is Christin Mitchell. 
I do not have any other active social media accounts.

6.) What do you do for a living? Do implants affect your work life?

I am an Electrical Service Coordinator & Estimator for an Electrical Contractor. I also attend full time school to pursue my degree in  business management. My implants have no physical affects on my daily routine but I definitely dress more conservatively by choice. I personally feel I need to dress modestly because I do work around men, and I need them to take me serious. 

7.) What hobbies and interests do you have in your personal life?

I enjoy being with my two Great Danes, I take them out for walks & swimming. They are my fur babies! I enjoy food & culture, any free time I get to spend out of town for vacation or day trips I make it a priority to try something new. I am very in tune with my body, I like to spend most of my days off catching up on a good workout & housework. I am almost 25 now, alot has changed since the beginning of my blog. I am much more low key, if it's not a family related event or a date with my boyfriend-I rarely go out. I am so busy with work & full time school!!! A glass of wine or martini is a wild night for me ;)

Any lingering questions I missed? Feel free to ask (: I love your feedback!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Small minds & low blows.

Today I write about a personal topic I'd like to share, this is not entirely related to my posts about augmentation. This is a topic I'd like to air out because it has tormented me for years.....

I have personal insecurities, which may be obvious to some & not to others. I am a very open person, I feel ok expressing my pains with insecurities to those I trust or with people that need a boost of confidence, letting others know they're not alone. It's no surprise that being openly insecure about something can bring a "frienemy" or maybe even a loved one to say hurtful things about your insecurities in "revenge". These types of people really sicken me. How is it, when you're being openly vulnerable about something so painful that people can run with it to hurt you purposefully?

You're probably wondering what it is that's so "painful" for me. My skin. As a teen, I had really great skin. Makeup counter girls would compliment my olive skin & at the time I thought I was just normal. Somewhere towards the end of my freshman year I began having deep, cystic acne issues. I mean, cry yourself to sleep acne. I didn't leave my house that summer! When I went back my sophmore year, friends were like what happened? Because I never had apimple before & all of a sudden I was a pizza face. Back then, I had never worm makeup. I wasn't allowed to! My deep cystic acne had been inherited from both sides of my family. It was devastaing. I tried so many things, prescriptions, skin care lines, you name it. Proactive helped get my skin under control but the damage was done, I was left with pock marks & ice pick scarring-Plus, I still had less sever acne.

Let's fast forward.....


Every single relationship I've had in the past, I've been comfortable in my own skin. I've gone without makeup, exposing my flaws. I'm a tuff cookie, I can bare my natural self flaws & all. When these relationships ended, my flaws would become a punching bag for these guys to feel better about themselves. It was really hurtful. I've had ex-boyfriends call me crater face, pizza face, butterface....basically any hurtful jab they could think of. Literally 4 out of 5 of my more "serious" relationships ended with bashing my flaws. 

The funny thing is, I still did modeling, swimsuit contests, Hooter's events & many beauty related events-And I'd win, or be selected for special events. My confidence was tarnished, but I never let myself stay down for too long. I still feel pretty, but the psychological damage is deep seeded.


It wasn't always the bruised ego of a dumped boyfriend that lashed out at me. Sometimes acquaintances would turn into less then friendly & my flaws were the first thing to be pointed out. That was more painful then the ex's because at least my ex's were upset over being dumped. These "friends" or acquaintances, really had no reason to say the things they said. most of the time, it would be a childish thing If I didn't like someone, or if they didn't like me-the entire group chimes in. You know what I mean? So immature. This is why someones appearance is the last thing on my mind, even if I despise the person! I never point out physical flaws, there's no reason to be so cruel.

This week.

This week, all of my insecurities are ripped open & fresh. Social media can be so cruel....let me give a backstory to the situation, bear with's a novel.

October 2013:
The week I left my Ex-Husband, he began camping out every night at my old job-Hooter's. I always thought it was super creepy, but he was lonely & most of the girls I worked with knew him & they were still nice to him because I never aired his dirty laundry. My ex is quite the piece of work, he played on the fact I up & left without much notice to all my "friends" with a huge pity party of (1) for himself. My "friends" felt bad for him, they'd be nice to him...which never really bothered me. I hadn't worked there in over a year by that time, none of them really knew what was going on with me because I was so embarrassed. Of course some of these "friends" made their own assumptions & opinions after I moved back to California so suddenly. My ex was military, & he played his cards well. He ended up sleeping with my "friend" the first night they met. Yup, about TWO wks after I left him. I was shocked, this girl & I had hung out many occasions...she was not just a co-worker. They began dating, & honestly-so did I. I didn't have a problem that he wanted to move on...but he did so in a malicious & hurtful way. This girl had dark hair like mine, we both went to cosmetology school, both Italian....the similarities were funny. My ex would publicly call me a cake face, tell people I only look good with makeup & all sorts of harsh things....then he would post pictures of her & brag how "naturally" beautiful she was, an obvious jab. Which is quite funny because she looks similar to me, and yes-She wore lots of makeup too! The fact someone I was married to for 3yrs, someone I once loved & trusted-Was now playing with my insecurities in a VERY public way; It was painful. We have tons of mutual friends, if I didn't see his hurtful posts myself, someone would send a screenshot to me. Everything this "man" (I shouldn't even call him a man!!!) posted, was passively directed at me.

Let's fast forward to 9mo later....

July 2014:
This week I learned that this SAME "friend" has been hooking up with another married man....and this girl knows the wife! I was disgusted, not only did this skank sleep with my not even ex husband, she was sleeping with my OTHER friends husband now too! The sad part is, my friend has a son with her soon to be ex-husband & this home-wrecker seems to have no respect for anyone including herself. I'll be honest, I can be brutally honest....for months I let my Ex make himself look like an idiot on social media by posting "I love You" type crap with my doppelgä After hearing what this skank was up to again, I lost it. I posted a very smart ass remark via social media & I even texted her personally. Of course I don't have nice things to say to a "friend" that sleeps with her friends husbands, who does? Mind you, I never once said anything negative about her appearance this entire time.

This scandalous girl always posts passive crap, always "poor me" bullshit. I said it! BULLSHIT. She really was a good fit for my ex....I'm surprised their "love" didn't outlast our divorce...haha. So she posts something indirectly this wk, which got back to me because the hashtags were blatantly directed at me....

#YouKnowWhoYouAre #CantWorkoutYourFACE

Of course one of my friends had caught onto this, & it was sent to me. Then my ex had a comment & another "mutual friend" posted on this too. I could see the home-wrecker having harsh words with me because clearly we have major problems with each other....But, for this mutual friend (Let's call her...Ms. America) it was an undeserved slap.

Ms. America had been a "good friend" for 3yrs. We constantly worked together, hung out, drank together....she was actually my motivator to do Hooter's events. Ms.America was an 8x calendar girl, infact she was the COVER for a Hooter's calendar once. Ms. America also did playboy, she was very beautiful & with her pushing me to do contests I felt as if I could actually win-And I did! She would boost my confidence here & there, & coming from her it meant so much to me. She was really one of the most beautiful women I knew.....

Ms. America also happens to be friends with the home-wrecker. After all these years of friendship, Ms. America sat by & even encouraged the home-wrecker when she was dating my Ex. It was a really weird situation..I felt more betrayed that my"friends" were sitting by as if it was ok for my HUSBAND to date my friend. I never talked to Ms. America ever again, I couldn't be friends with anyone that close to the home-wrecker.

Ms. Amerca's comments about my insecurity dug much deeper then all the other jabs....I guess it's because I never provoked her. I really was shocked to see her comments. Btw Ms. America is 32. I never really understood why a 32yr old would get involved in this situation.

I'm not a perfectly kind little angel all the time, trust me I know I can be brutally honest. However, I was wronged in the ultimate betrayal of friendship...I still to this day feel I was justified in my emotions with the situation. I learned that the home-wrecker has obvious issues, & her colors finally showed the second time she did this. I hate to say that it was validating, but it was....unfortunately it had to be at the expense of a close friend of mine.

I lost alot of friends by choice. I couldn't trust anyone that associated themselves with that type of person. You would think I would have major trust issues after being cheated on in the past, after all the shady emails, pics & texts I found when I was "Happily Married". But I'm not.  Men are not all the same, my new beau has validated that just being himself. Women however, have burned me so many times throughout my life I keep a very small circle of trusted friends.

I realize this post is so long, & it's all over the place with topics....but they tie into one another which fuels my physical insecurity. I wanted to express how words can make someone feel...because your words are a reflection of your character. Below is a response to the recent jabs made at me via social media:

"If the only notable flaw is about my appearance, I'm doing something right. I'd rather be the bud of someones self esteem jab then to be talked down for valuable things such as character. #smallminds #butwherewillyoubeintenyears#cantfixanuglyheart — feeling proud."

At the end of the day, at least I'm moving forward. I'm much happier today then a year ago, life is not perfect but I'm free of the worries I once endured. I've always been a strong willed person, but every once & a while there's an asshole that tries to kick me down. I'm just happy the put downs are nothing to do with myself as a person.