Friday, February 27, 2015

Witch Hunt

First blog post of the year! Geez, I'm a slacker.

Thoughts on my mind: Why do women keep implants a secret? Why do some women feel it's taboo to have augmentation, so they keep it a secret?

I guess a simple answer is people are assholes. Implants have been around a very long time, & even though it's very common, it's still taboo for some people. The hateful comments on my youtube page make me smile. Isn't this 2015? Are people really going out of their way to point out breast implants? Sometimes it's like a witch hunt, females look for anything to condone other women about. Problem is, I'm all out of fucks to give.

I have a family friend who treated herself to a mommy makeover after 2 kids, but if you ask her about her experience she freaks out-end of story. Can't talk about it. I'm the opposite. I'm very open about my plastic surgery, because who gives a shit?

Being open & honest has it's negatives. My breast augmentation has been a punching bag for silly girls that try to hurt my feelings. I'm sorry, but if you wear a heavily padded bra with more padding then Nikki Minaj's ass & you talk shit about me-you're mental! Breast implants do not define beauty, people have a hard time accepting beauty. Sometimes any excuse will be used to rule out the possibility you might just be a beautiful person, whether it's inside or out-or both!

I crack jokes all the time about myself, my boobs or whatever. If you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point? Some people don't translate the sarcasm. It's just a joke. When others joke about fake boobs, I think it's hilarious. If you're funny, then it's cool. If you're mean, fuck you!

I guess everyone's situation is different. If you keep you plastic surgery a secret, I hope you know you're normal. You're not a cheap slut. You're not classless. You're not a sell out. You're not an ugly monster, beautified by money. You've enhanced your true self, big deal. I take pride in the hard work it took me to pay for these babies, & I'm not ashamed to be "fake". 

Friday, December 5, 2014


Today my divorce was finalized...finally! It's been a long process, I'm so happy to be free of the stress. Funny thing is, my ex called me immediately after the final hearing. You know what one of the first things he said was? 

"Do your boobs still look good?"

I laughed so hard, because yes they do. And no, you'll never see them again.

I've always wanted my augmentation for myself, but my ex was a huge insecurity that played a role in the process. I jumped to get them done because deep down I felt maybe, just maybe, he would stop paying for "personal videos" from pornstars & pay more attention to me. I thought I would become more of his "type" I guess.

At one point I looked his "type"....big fake boobs, fit body, I dressed the part too-I was a bartender, skimpy clothes were everything. I was at one time, everything he enjoyed about porn. I've realized that sexual fantasy is different then what men want in a relationship, as much as my ex liked my transformation he didn't change. It wasn't until I made personal changes in my life that he realized it was too far gone.

When he asked me this question, I realized that maybe he was destined to to live a life where it was too little too late. I do believe he has given up because I've never once wanted or tried to get him back. I was the one who got away, but he's fine with that. He is content with what he "had". Some men are like that, there's just no explaining it. I am literally the "trophy" he once had, he cares more about bragging rights then he cared for me. Sounds conceited to say, but it's true. I was a piece of property he showed off, now I'm the "plastic" ex-wife he can brag about. There's irony in the fact I changed for him, and he didn't appreciate anything-Which changed my views of our marriage for the worse. 

I believe breast augmentation helped me grow a backbone. I realized so much after I got what "we" wanted. I realized he wasn't going to change. I realized my value, and there were people out there who appreciate me for who I am-Not my appearance alone. I also realized there were people suddenly interested in me because of my transformation, which easily separates true friends from assholes who only care about appearances. There's a confidence that comes with a transformation....I don't know how to put it in words, because I don't want to sound like plastic surgery is the answer to your problems. My experience has been positive emotionally & physically, I feel much more secure in the person I've become. It comes with age & maturity too, but plastic surgery did put me in a confident mindset. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Boobs before Babies

A common deciding factor of breast augmentation is children. Should you get them before? After? I got mine when I was 22yrs old, and not too young. This topic crossed my mind constantly. Here's why I chose boobs before babies.

I was young, but not too young. I was able to boost my esteem at a younger age & recognize my value, which led me to leave my ex who didn't treat me so well. I enjoyed having boobs throughout my early twenties, you're supposed to ENJOY your body. I used to think, why spend the money now if I have kids I'll have to get them done again anyways....I'm so happy I niched my own advice & splurged on augmentation when I did. You know why? What if I can't "afford" implants after kids, because I can't afford to take the necessary time to heal. Or what if my finances are structured to buy a home? 

Your twenties are meant to be, carefree. Mine weren't carefree, trust me, but I didn't have children which alleviated responsibilities. I worked my tail off bartending/waitressing. I picked up extra shifts, I worked doubles, I even took out a small thousand dollar loan. I was not well off or even financially stable for that matter, but I did it. I'm happy I did, life isn't worth living if you can't splurge occasionally and appreciate the finer things. I worked for it!

Currently I'm pursuing my Bachelors, I have a stable "Grown Up" job and I'm working towards the American Dream, aren't we all...?

I hardly have the time for a nap, let alone full blown surgery for an elective procedure! See what I mean? LIFE HAPPENS. It's ok. Honestly, if I hadn't done the augmentation in my early twenties, I'm sure I would have to keep postponing.....until after graduation? After I find a job with a fat salary? Oh, by that time I'd probably be getting married/house hunting/having babies?? Who knows. All I knew for certain in my early twenties was that I was broke. Basically broke. I could afford nice things but I relied paycheck to paycheck. My only responsibility was showing up to work around 4pm, LOL!!!

If I had the opportunity to get them at 18, I would have the time. Now that I'm mature, I recognize I probably wouldn't have made the best decision on size or surgeon for that matter. At that age, teens want instant gratification and results. At 22yrs old I was smart enough to put in the research to find a good Doctor. I was also at the right age to choose silicon or saline. 

There is no wrong age to get breast implants. It depends on your own lifestyle, ambitions and future. You have to decide, when is the BEST time for YOU.  

I can't speak about about breast implants affected by pregnancy/children because I'm not at that stage myself. But I can tell you, I've seen plenty of Kardashian pics, if Kourtney's boobs look this great after 3 kids I'm good! I truly believe the 10yr lifespan of implants can withstand the bodies changes through motherhood.